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Mines & Geology

Larger concessions given for prospect mining in many countries particularly in African Continent are with undulated terrain and inaccessible conditions. These vast areas need lot of efforts, time and money for exploration. Hence, to optimize the exploration effort and reduce the turnaround time, Tecdatum offers its proficient services to identify the possible potential areas with in the allotted concession for further exploration. Identification of possible potential zones categorized based on the mineral richness using geological studies through remote sensing and geospatial technologies will help the client to prioritize areas for further pre-exploration and exploration studies. Apart, Tecdatum has experience in providing Mining consultations throughout the prospecting, exploration and planning phase till mine opening.

The services offered :
  • Pre-feasibility & Reconnaissance and Preliminary Surveys
  • Identification of Possible Mineral Potential zones for Prospecting
  • Survey & Surface mapping (Geology and Topography)
  • Spectral and Hyper-spectral analysis for Geological & Structural map updation
  • Integrating of Geology, Geochemical and Geophysical data
  • Geological Exploration/ Drilling including Logging & Sampling
  • Reserve estimation as per UN guidelines
  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Mine Plan preparation up to crusher plant design
  • Environmental Studies
  • Reclamation Analysis
  • Core Zone Land Use Plan, Area analysis and temporal change detection using Remote Sensing & survey Techniques
  • Buffer Zone Land use analysis and Temporal Change Detection using Remote Sensing
  • "Mineaz" Online Mines Management System

(Tecdatum has developed a software application product with robust database that caters for mining industry. This application is capable of manage the database of Mining process & freight management including men and machinery inventory)